State Executive


The State Executive is the management committee of the Council that meets a minimum of 8 times each year. Members of the State Executive are parents from affiliated school parent associations around NSW and are elected at the Annual Conference.

Their role is to support the Secretariat, identify areas of concern, and work on solutions, responses and submissions to the wide range of educational and social issues related to our children.

The State Executive of the NSW Parents’ Council

Office Bearers:

President Dr Rose Cantali
Vice President (City) Sue Cartwright*
Vice President (Country) Ramy Mezrani*
Treasurer Piers Parbury
Secretary Barbara Kay


  • Alison Casey
  • Bob Fozzard
  • Lindy Williams
  • Michael Cantali
  • Michelle Cabena
  • Philip Argy
  • Piers Parbury
  • Rob Boshier
  • Timothy Sides*
  • Marina Bertolino*
  • Lydia Shelly
  • Alan Khaw
  • Stephen Grieve

* country members
Executive Officer-Samantha Vieira