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The voice of parents of students enrolled at independent schools across NSW since 1962. Providing access to experts, programs and information and advice to parents, parent leaders and supporters of independent schools.

Making a contribution to parent organisations, policy and curriculum outcomes.


Parents Congress, March 2015http://www.senatorbirmingham.com.au/Media-Centre/Media-Releases/ID/2913/Turnbull-Government-committed-to-schools-funding


12 May 2016 event


parent engagement project 2016



NSWPC Workshops – Guest Speakers 2016


Karen Boyes

Karen Boyes;  “Student Wellbeing: Where Parents Can Make a Difference”

resilience strategies/ effective communication tools for parents students and teachers

Karen is an author and the creator of the Teachers Matter Magazine, Teachers Matter Conference, Kids Matter Conference, Study Smart Workshops and the Habits of Mind Bootcamp. She is also CEO of Spectrum Education, Affiliate Director of the Institute for the Habits of Mind, NZ Educator of the Year 2014, NZ Speaker of the Year 2013, NZ Business Woman of the Year 2001, wife of one and mother of two.

  • Karen is known for her engaging, entertaining and practical presentations.
  • Karen has been recognised as a Certified Speaking Professional – an honour held by only the top 1% of speakers worldwide.
  • She has presented across five continents, in 18 countries and has worked with over 200 organisations.
  • Karen’s keynotes, seminars and workshops consistently get outstanding feedback from participants who leave her sessions buzzing and able to implement her teachings immediately.
  • Karen’s workshop will provide information and lead session discussions on strategies, tools and approaches to build resilience, foster effective positive communication pathways between parents, student and educators, recognise relationship pitfalls and perils impacting on schooling and parent engagement tasks.

4 Face to Face sessions

Availability Dates

Monday 16 May 7pm (Metropolitan schools only)

Tuesday 17 May 7pm (Metropolitan schools only)

Wednesday 18 May 7pm (Regional Schools only)

Thursday 19 May 7pm (Regional Schools only)



Sarah Carmen

Sarah Carmen; “Transition to Secondary School and Beyond”

study strategies/stress management/barriers to learning/effective parental support

Sarah Carmen is the Founder of Sponge Education; a growing in-home, one-on-one tutoring service. Sarah and her team of tutors at Sponge currently work with students of all ages, right across Sydney.

  • Sarah helps students to understand difficult subjects, enjoy learning, ace exams, and maintain balance.
  • In addition to one-on-one tutoring, Sarah also runs workshops for students through schools, to help them with various aspects of high school life.
  • The focus is on study strategies, stress management, subject-specific learning and post-HSC life.
  • Sarah runs seminars for parents of high school students too. Sarah will provide information and workshop case studies of complex study strategies.
  • Participants will be able to question and workshop learning techniques, education motivation barriers and HSC experience issues (understand how you as a parent, educator or student support person can contribute to a collaborative learning environment).

4 Face to Face sessions

Availability Dates

Monday 23 May 7pm (Metropolitan schools only)

Thursday 26 May 7pm (Metropolitan schools only)

Monday 30 May 7pm (Regional Schools only)

Thursday 2 June 7pm (Regional Schools only)





Vanessa Ryan-Rendell;  “Transition to Junior School and Beyond”

empower Parents to support and advance student learning/ how to build on classroom learning strategies/ value of  consistent school attendance/ effective communication between parents and teachers/ goal setting

Vanessa Ryan-Rendell is a high – profile Primary school educator with a Masters in Gifted Education.

  • Has taught across all stages of primary school and early high school for over 10 years.
  • Writes for the New South Wales Board of Studies.
  • Vanessa’s workshop will provide information and lead workshop discussion about the value of consistent school attendance patterns, literacy and numeracy focus, communication strategies between parents and school and the setting of realistic/ high education outcomes for students (understand where your child is in the education pathway).

4 Face to Face sessions

Availability Dates

Monday 16 May 7pm (Metropolitan schools only)

Monday 23 May 7pm (Metropolitan schools only)

Tuesday 24 May 7pm (Regional Schools only)

Monday 30 May 7pm (Regional Schools only)



emilEmil Hodzic; “Parent Awareness Education”

student online safety/ social media use/ challenges of online addiction/ strategies to address these challenges

Emil Hodzic is a highly skilled Registered Psychologist. He offers a breadth of experience and “make sense” approaches for individual and relationship issues. His practice has a particular focus on addictive behaviours- gambling, gaming and other online activities that are barriers to learning, work, family and friends.

  • Post Graduate Diploma of Psychology
  • Graduate Diploma of Counselling
  • Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Primary Certificate in Rational-Emotive Theory & Technique
  • Accredited Lifeline Telephone Counsellor
  • Emil’s workshop will provide information, lead discussion and workshop strategies to address the growing challenge of online addiction and related social isolation issues that trigger potential and harmful parent/student, student/school and parent/school conflict. Particular attention to software abuse, alienation from school behaviour norms and damaged relationships to be addressed.

4 Face to Face sessions

Availability Dates

Tuesday 17 May 7pm (Metropolitan schools only)

Tuesday 24 May 7pm (Metropolitan schools only)

Tuesday 31 May 7pm (Regional Schools only)

Tuesday 7 June 7pm – Booked out



Professional Development Forums for Teachers


Trainers: Jacqui Van de Velde and Matthew Hamra

Bostes/QTC  endorsed professional skills courses for teachers/ parent engagement/ communication strategies/ learning stages/ educational expectations and outcomes

Jacqui Van de Velde has more than 25 years’ experience in education in both a professional and volunteer capacity. She has worked in and continues to work across a variety of educational and cultural contexts, in Australia, New Zealand, the EU, Singapore and North America.

  • Passionate advocate for Parent Engagement in Education, Teaching Standards, Improved Educational Outcomes for k-12.
  • Professional Learning Networks
  • Continuing Education in the Workplace
  • School Compliance; Policy and Procedures, School Reviews, Faculty Reviews
  • Teacher Coaching and Mentoring
  • Instructional Design- curriculum design and implementation: Online learning, Blended Learning, Flipped Classrooms, Cultures of Thinking, Learning Management Systems
  • Strategic Planning
  • Trainer/Assessor- Parent Engagement, Leadership, Training and Assessment Systems and Continuous Improvement Models

Matthew Hamra Is the Visual Arts Teacher at Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College. He is passionate about art and art education. Frequently makes submissions to the wide range of educational and social issues related to students.

  • Secretary of NSW Parents Council
  • Volunteer with Sydney Contemporary Art Fair


On-Line Modules 5*6 hours : 30 hours (OF THE APD 100 HOURS COMPULSORY)

schools working together flyer


School Choice Key to Successful Education

This week an expert report produced by the Centre for Independent Studies, one of Australia’s most respected think tanks, highlighted the positive contribution made by independent schools to our education sector. Keeping school choice affordable is key to family and student quality of life. Government funding and policy decisions are vital to any sustainable outcome. Defending school choice has been the one core driving force behind the lobbying and campaigning by the NSW Parents Council since 1962. We fought and won the debate over school funding by the late 1970s and have continued to seek a fairer deal for parents and students. [pdf-embedder url=”http://parentscouncil.nsw.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/One-School-Does-Not-Fit-All.pdf”]

Gonski Funding, Federal Education Minister puts position

 Click Here for media release

Parent information from the Board of Studies NSW

The HSC inquiry centre and other BoSTES services will be available over the Christmas/New Year period. Please Click Here for more information.


Independent schools support State Government efforts to build community cohesion

In collaboration with public and Catholic school sectors, the independent school sector has given it’s full support to government in response to the issue of violent extremism.  Schools are well placed to identify and intervene whenever students start to exhibit behaviours that may require support. The safety and sustainability of our culturally diverse society requires effective and empathetic leadership.  Click Here for AIS NSW media release.


New Federal Minister for Education spells out vision

Senator Birmingham at the launch of the AISNSW Institute in Sydney in late October outlined his approach to the portfolio. Click Here for transcript.

Your Parents’ Council on the Move!

Your Parents’ Council on the Move!

During the April school holidays, we are making history by moving to our new address at Suite 804, 185 Elizabeth Street, Sydney 2000. Over the next couple of weeks we will be offline and only contactable via our mobile phones. For urgent, media and school enquiries contact the CEO on 0438 558 276. For parent, project and other enquiries contact Melissa on 0488 204 095.

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Parents Congress a success

On Sunday 8 March, we held our first ever Parents Congress which placed parents in the box seat to ask tough questions to experts from education, youth mentoring, policy and school design backgrounds. Bernard Salt, one of Australia’s most celebrated business speakers and a key thinker at KPMG, ran a show that involved two intense 40 minute panels where several dozen key questions were answered without fear or favour. To watch the program (in full) click here Future proofing our kids Serious choices about the future thrashed...

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If you are unable to attend the main event at Pitt Street, Sydney, please see below the venues around NSW that will be holding a live webcast of the event on 8 March 2015. If there is no local venue close to you or you need more information about Sunday contact the CEO on 0438 558 276 or email ceo@parentscouncil.nsw.edu.au For the updated speakers list, see below. Region School Address Albury The Scots School Perry Street, Albury NSW 2640 Wagga Wagga Lutheran Primary School Tamar Drive, Wagga Wagga 2650 Orange Orange Anglican Grammar School 7...

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Classification Markings for Film and Computer Games

The following classification markings are for films and computer games. The following classification markings are only for films. There is no classification marking for material classified RC.The R 18+ and X 18+ classifications do not apply to computer games in Australia. Only films can carry the R 18+ and X 18+ classification markings. Classification markings may also be accompanied by consumer advice which may be found in the white space next to the coloured classification marking. The following table shows the combination classification...

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Students with Disabilities

Blog Post” Students with Disabilities Students with disabilities and special needs is an area of high priority for the NSW Parents’ Council. Parents are being represented by Sharon Grocott, member of the Councils’ State Executive team and the ACARA Students’ with Disabilities Advisory Group. This is the first time that parents have been given a voice at an ACARA advisory group. Additionally Karen Hickmott who leads the NSW Parents Council Students with Disability project team has been appointed the co-chair of the APC (Australian...

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Supporting Students with Special Education Needs

Supporting students with special education needs provides information relating to how NSW syllabuses cater for the full range of learners, what is involved in the collaborative planning process, and the sorts of adjustments that students with special education needs are entitled to, within the resources of the school. Parents’ guide to the new syllabuses in the support materials section Within the assessment section, read about the difference between assessment for, as and of learning as well as how students with special education needs...

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PISA – Let’s read them a story!

Newsletter Signup This PowerPoint is part of a report on the new findings from the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). Further information can be found by clicking...

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High -Wire Act: Cyber- Safety and the Young

Interim Report Join Select Committee on Cyber-Safety June 2011 released. “The online environment is an integral part of modern economic and social activities, and a vast resource of education, information, communication and entertainment. Further, the evolution of new technologies is diversifying the ways in which Australians connect with each other and the world. As part of the Government’s comprehensive commitment to cyber-safety, the Australian Parliament established this Committee in March 2010. This report focuses on how young people can...

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The Easy Guide to Socialising Online

The Prime Minister, the Hon Julia Gillard, recently launched a new online cybersafety resource – The Easy Guide to Socialising Online. The Easy Guide to Socialising Online provides cybersafety information for 26 social networking sites, search engines and online games, and gives step by step instructions on how to report cyberbullying, abuse and inappropriate content on these sites. It also provides clear information for parents, educators and young people on how to adjust privacy settings on these sites as well as tips on how to stay safe...

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Consultation on enhancing online safety for children

Newsletter Signup Access in depth and up to date information, and receive email alerts of breaking issues – become a subscriber now by CLICKING HERE Consultation on enhancing online safety for children (523...

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